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Below are some links to philosophical discussion forums on World Wide Web. If you know of any good philosophical forums not listed here, please let us know by email. To view Japanese forums on the other page, try online translation engines such as AltaVista.


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Generic Philosophy * - v - ^
dot Polylog Discussion Forum : ``Discussion forum encouraging cross-cultural philosophical dialogue.''Home.
dot Some Place Somewhere : ``Philosophical discussion on a variety of subjects.''
dot The Examined Life Discussion Forum : ``It is our intent to offer a communication forum for the professional, student, and amateur philosopher.'' Home.
dot philosophers.co.uk : Home.
dot The Mad Philosophers Guild: Home.
dot Philosophical Discussions: Home.
dot Malaspina Great Books Forum : Home.
dot Philosophy & Religion : The Official Forum of the Philosophy Webring. Home.

Kill Devil Hill * - v - ^
dot Philosophy campfire chat: Home. Classicals Advanced Philosophy Campfire. New Philosophy campfire forum.
dot Recommended Reading & Favorite Book: Kill Devil Hill.
dot Great Books Term Paper Cafe Chat: Kill Devil Hill.
dot Great Books: Kill Devil Hill.
dot Literary Theory & Postmodernism: Postmodernism and postmodern literary criticism.
dot Greek Mythology Campfire Cafe: Kill Devil Hill.
dot Classics: Kill Devil Hill.
dot Conservative: Kill Devil Hill.
dot Federalist Papers & Founding Documents: Kill Devil Hill.
dot Thomas Aquinas: Kill Devil Hill.
dot Aristotle: Kill Devil Hill.
dot St. Augustine: Kill Devil Hill.
dot Charles Darwin Theory of Evolution: Kill Devil Hill.
dot Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky: Kill Devil Hill.
dot Homer: Kill Devil Hill.
dot Machiavelli's The Prince Campfire Cafe: Kill Devil Hill.
dot Thomas Jefferson: Kill Devil Hill.
dot Alexis de Tocqueville Democracy in America: Kill Devil Hill.
dot Russel Kirk: Kill Devil Hill.
dot John Locke Enlightenment: Kill Devil Hill.
dot Nietzsche: Kill Devil Hill.
dot Henry David Thoreau Walden Pond: Kill Devil Hill.
dot Plato: Kill Devil Hill.
dot Adam Smith: Kill Devil Hill.

Philosophers * - v - ^
dot Mysticism & Philosophy BBS: Theory of Action, Existentialism, Castaneda. Home.
dot The Michel Foucault Discussion Lists: @ California State University, Northridge. Foucault. Home.

Political and Social Philosophy * - v - ^
dot The Federalist Papers Discussion Port : Home. FEDERALIST.COM SPIRIT OF AMERICA PORT.
dot European Journal of International Law Discussion Forum : Home.

Search Engine Related * - v - ^
dot Yahoo! Philosophy: Registration required to post messages. Home > Arts > Humanities > Philosophy > Chats and Forums.
dot Yahoo! Humanities: Registration required to post messages.
dot Yahoo! Social Sciences: Registration required to post messages.